VMnetcfg.exe (obtener para VMplayer 5.x)

VMware Player 5.0 Network Editor (vmnetcfg.exe)

1. Download the latest version of VMware Workstation from here
2. Open a command prompt window
3. Go to the directory you downloaded VMware Workstation and enter: VMware-workstation-full-9.0.0-812388.exe /e .\vmware_extract where “vmware_extract” is the destination directory where you want to extract the contents of the installer.
4. Navigate to the extract folder and using your favorite file archive tool (I recommend 7-zip) open core.cab
5. Copy vmnetcfg.exe to the directory you installed VMware PLayer
6. Open vmnetcfg.exe

The vendor VMs were setup with NAT, which would map to the VMnet8 virtual network.

7. Select VMnet8
8. Change the Subnet IP address (in this case, I changed mine to with a mask of
9. Click on DHCP Settings...

10. Make sure the IP addresses are within the start and end range – update as necessary
11. Click OK

At this point, if you click Apply, your VMs should now be able to connect out. The VMware virtual network is private so I’ll need to setup some port forwarding so that I can access the machine from my VirtualBox instance through the host.

12. Click on NAT Settings...

13. Click on Add
14. Fill in the appropriate information
15. Click OK
16. Click OK


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